About Me

My name is Aadarsh. I am passionate about technology and strategy. I have a bachelor’s degree from NUS, Singapore and MBA degree from ISB, Hyderabad. In my free time, I like to read, code, run and travel.

The purpose of this blog is to document these activities.

Read – I will make a summary note for the books which I have recently read. This is for my personal use primarily. I will be glad if it helps someone.

Code – I will document the coding exercises under this head. This will primarily include the links of the tutorials I follow and the github links + deployment link of the result.

Run – I track my runs on a regular basis using a GPS tracker. I will post the routes around the town. Maybe this will help you plan your run better. Sometimes, I will also include my thoughts on the run.

Travel – This will be a summary of the travel journey. I will include some pictures and stories here.

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